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Brief Induction

    Global Geology is an influential academic journal in geosciences (ISSN 1673-9736; CN 22-1371/P), which was established by the former Changchun University of Science and Technology in 1998. It is sponsored by the International Center for Geoscience Research and Education in Northeast Asia, Jilin University. Its original name was Journal of Geoscientific Research in Northeast Asia(1998-2005), Originally semi-annual, it was changed to quarterly after 2008. It mainly reports research achievements in theoretical and applied geology. It aims to trace the scientific frontier, to reflect up-to-date discoveries, new theories and new achievements over the world in time and to contribute to educating qualified geotechnicians and geoscientists in the world.



"Green channel" for contribution (投稿绿色通道)
"2016 Annual China University Outstanding Science and Technology Journal"
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