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Guide for contributors

    The journal of Global Geology (English Edition) is sponsored by the International Center of Geoscience Research and Education in Northeast Asia, Jilin University, China. The former name of the journal was the Journal of International Geoscientific Research in Northeast Asia. It was launched in 1998 and served scientists and teachers in geosciences in the world. The Editorial Board is composed of 42 scientists from various countries in the world, including China, German, Japan, Korea, Russia, the UK and USA. The journal was biannually in publication from 1998 to 2007, but it has been changed to be published quarterly in March, June, September and December since 2008. We hope that the readers worldwide will be more interested in and continue to support our journal by contributing more papers to the journal. 

Form of manuscript
    Manuscripts should be concise and consistent in style, spelling, and the use of abbreviations. Authors should submit their manuscripts in English. The first page should include: title, the name(s) of the author(s) and their affiliations, summary and introduction. If possible, please use the “Times New Roman” font. 

    Please ensure that every reference cited in the text is also present in the reference list (and vice versa). 
: All citations in the text should refer to: 
1. Single author: the author's name (without initials, unless there is ambiguity) and the year of publication; 
2. Two authors: both authors' names and the year of publication; 
3. Three or more authors: first author's name followed by "et al." and the year of publication.
 Reference list: References should be arranged first alphabetically and then further sorted chronologically if necessary. More than one reference from the same author(s) in the same year must be identified by the letters "a", "b", "c", etc., placed after the year of publication. 
Reference to a journal publication: 
Cheng R H, Liu W Z, Wang P J, et al. 2003. Occurrences of volcanic rocks in Xujiaweizi fault-depression and their significance. Oil & Gas Geology, 24(1): 24-27. (in Chinese with English abstract)
 Reference to a book: 
Shen Y C, Jin C W. 1993. Activity of magma and mineralization of gold in the west of Zhungeer. Beijing: Science Press, 113-172. 
Reference to a thesis: 
Williamson K H. 1975. Terrestrial heat flow studies in Kenya: PhD thesis. London: University of London. 
Reference toa paper/chapter in an edited book: 
Middeton D A, Hampton M A. 1976. Subaqueous sediment transport and deposition by sediment gravity flows//Stanley D J, Swift D J P. (Eds.) Marine sediment transport and environmental management. New York: Wiley, 179-218. 

    Tables should be compiled on separate sheets. A title should be provided for each table and should be referred to in the text. 
    All illustrations should be numbered consecutively and referred to in the text, and figure captions should be supplied on a separate sheet. Original figures should fit the Journal page (less than 17×23 cm) or column (less than 8 cm in width). If figures have been created electronically, at final acceptance they may be submitted as separate files. They must be saved in CorelDRAW 9, Excel, or TIF and JPG formats. If a figure has been created in another format, it must be saved in one of these formats.
    If and when the manuscript is accepted for publication, the authors agree to automatically transfer the copyright to the Global Geology
Contributions shoul be submitted to: 
    Editorial Department of Global Geology, No. 938 Ximinzhu Street, Changchun 130026, China 
Telephone: 86-431-88502100; 88502587 

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