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30 Most Read Articles
1 Experimental study on slender reinforced concrete columns wrapped with CFRP 2009 Vol.12(4):226-229
HU Zhongjun, NIE Lei, PAN Jinglong and XU Tian [Abstract] (1716) [PDF 436KB] (2188)
2 Late Paleozoic tectonic evolution in northern Korean Peninsula 2009 Vol.12(2):94-99
JON Guk Pu, LYANG To Jun, LIU Yongjiang, KIM Sung Hyon and LIU Chengxian [Abstract] (1630) [PDF 337KB] (1977)
3 Distribution and characteristics of volcanic reservoirs in China 2009 Vol.12(2):64-79
HUANG Yulong, WANG Pujun and CHEN Shuming [Abstract] (1625) [PDF 1186KB] (3661)
4 Analysis of Tianchi volcano activity in Changbai Mountain,NE China 2011 Vol.14(1):44-53
LIU Guoming, YANG Jingkui, WANG Lijuan and SUN Jicai [Abstract] (1577) [PDF 701KB] (3798)
5 Elastic-plastic analysis for pile-anchor supporting system of deep foundation pit 2009 Vol.12(4):236-240
JIN Yingyu and BAI Yu [Abstract] (1552) [PDF 345KB] (1411)
6 Abrupt uplift of Tibetan Plateau a t the end of early Pleistocene and Australasian impact event 2009 Vol.12(3):145-155
REN Shoumai, L IU Yongjiang and GE Xiaohong [Abstract] (1449) [PDF 1818KB] (2110)
7 Study on mechanism of circumferential cracks in cold-region tunnels 2010 Vol.13(2):75-78
ZHOU Lincong, ZHENG Yifeng and LI Zhong [Abstract] (1444) [PDF 362KB] (2358)
8 Late Cretaceous biota and the Cretaceous-Paleogene ( K--Pg) Boundary in Jiayin of Heilongjiang,China 2011 Vol.14(3):115-143
Sun G., Akhmetiev M., Markevich V., Ashraf A.R., Bugdaeva E., Godefroit [Abstract] (1425) [PDF 8110KB] (1631)
9 Dynamic simulation of hydrokinetic hammer based on virtual prototyping technology 2009 Vol.12(1):22-27
WANG Siyi and WANG Qingyan, [Abstract] (1407) [PDF 782KB] (1564)
10 Air flow calculation of reverse circulation drilling technique with air DTH hammer 2010 Vol.13(3-4):165-170
HUANG Yong, ZHU Lihong, YIN Kun and BO Kun [Abstract] (1389) [PDF 125KB] (3603)
11 Research and development on foam breaking and recycling technology in air-foam drilling 2009 Vol.12(4):204-209
CAO Pinlu, ZHANG Jincheng, WU Xia and HUANG Jinyun [Abstract] (1360) [PDF 510KB] (3667)
12 Analysis and evaluation on seepage stability of Hongxing reservoir dam , Heilongjiang 2009 Vol.12(4):230-235
YANG Zhishuang, LI Xiaole and ZHANG Qinqyu [Abstract] (1340) [PDF 766KB] (1544)
13 New material of Cordaites baodeensis Sun from Lower Permian Shanxi Formation of Baode , Shanx i 2010 Vol.13(1):28-32
YANG Tao, [Abstract] (1337) [PDF 1114KB] (1861)
14 Sedimentological features and biostratigraphy of Jurassic/Cretaceous deposits in continental basins in Priamurie, Far East Russia 2010 Vol.13(1):1-
G. L. Kirillova, G. V. Roganov and V. V. Kiriyanova [Abstract] (1327) [PDF 2675KB] (3169)
15 Meso-Cenozo ic basin evolution in northern Korean Peninsula 2009 Vol.12(2):80-86
PAK Hyon Uk, LYANG To Jun, L IU Yongjiang, [Abstract] (1305) [PDF 389KB] (1424)
16 Drillhole high-pressure packer permeability test for underground powerhouse in Pushihe pumped storage hydro-plant 2010 Vol.13(2):85-89
TIAN Zuoyin, CHEN Li, REN Xiangyu and LI Zhanjun [Abstract] (1303) [PDF 724KB] (2236)
17 Palynoflora of Wulaga dinosaur site in Jiayin ( Zeya-Bureya Basin, China) 2009 Vol.12(3):117-121
V. S. Markevich, E. V. Bugdaeva and SUN Ge, [Abstract] (1296) [PDF 697KB] (1949)
18 Experimental study on improving collapsible loess with cement 2010 Vol.13(2):79-84
SHAN Bo, WANG Changming, DONG Quanyang, TANG Ling, ZHANG Guangyi and WEI J [Abstract] (1295) [PDF 288KB] (2640)
19 Recent advances on study of hadrosaurid dinosaurs in Heilongjiang ( Amur) River area between China and Russia 2011 Vol.14(3):160-191
Pascal Godefroit, Pascaline Lauters, Jimmy Van Itterbeeck, Yuri L. Bolotsky, DONG Zhiming, JIN Liyong, WU Wenhao6, Ivan Y. Bolotsky, 6 [Abstract] (1294) [PDF 3411KB] (3887)
20 Causes of rockfalls in Al-Huwayshah area, Yemen 2009 Vol.12(1):5-12
ArefM. O. AL-JABALI, NIE Lei, Abdo S. AL-MAQTARY, Hussein AL-AKHALI [Abstract] (1284) [PDF 308KB] (1599)
21 Experimenta l study on ultrasonic propagation in water-based bentonite slurry 2009 Vol.12(3):174-178
LAN Kai and YAN Taining [Abstract] (1273) [PDF 551KB] (3302)
22 A new pterosaur ( Pterosauria) from Middle Jurassic Tiaojishan Formation of western Liaoning,China 2010 Vol.13(3-4):113-118
Lǔ Junchang and FUCHA Xiaohui [Abstract] (1272) [PDF 737KB] (1885)
23 Application of principal component analysis to evaluation of black soil degradation in Jilin 2011 Vol.14(1):54-58
NIU Cencen, WANG Qing, WEN Xiuyu, GUO Yuan, ZHAGN Penglei, ZHU Rongyue and HE Xianhui [Abstract] (1270) [PDF 126KB] (2560)
24 Study on deep structure in Ailaoshan region based on aeromagnetic interpretations 2009 Vol.12(4):189-193
PENG Yuanyuan, L I Shichao, LU Laijun, L IU Guangsheng and WU Jun [Abstract] (1262) [PDF 1446KB] (1533)
25 Global influenza in cold phase of Pacific Decade Oscillation 2010 Vol.13(2):104-107
YANG Donghong, YANG Debin and YANG Xuexiang [Abstract] (1261) [PDF 173KB] (1445)
26 Extending self-organizing maps for supervised classification of remotely sensed data 2009 Vol.12(1):46-56
CHEN Yongliang [Abstract] (1260) [PDF 917KB] (1321)
27 Experimental study on low temperature performance of polymer drilling mud agents 2009 Vol.12(1):32-35
ZHAN Jiajia, XU Huiwen and CAI Hongliang [Abstract] (1256) [PDF 190KB] (2768)
28 Outburst mechanism of Yindapu Glacial Lake in Tibet 2009 Vol.12(4):200-203
ZHUANG Shuyu, L I Guangjie, CHEN Guoyu and SHU Youfeng [Abstract] (1253) [PDF 460KB] (1349)
29 Heavy metal content in coral reef sediments from Red Sea of Yemen and its significance on marine environment 2009 Vol.12(2):100-104
NabilA. AL-SHAWAFI, Abdulhakeem AL-KHOLIDI, and Aref M.O. AL-JABALI, [Abstract] (1241) [PDF 292KB] (2917)
30 Nonlinear morphologica l characteristics of debris flow in Dongcheng area of Helong, Jilin 2009 Vol.12(4):221-225
WANG Qian, LI Guangjie, WANG Liancheng, ZHENG Baigong and LI Ming [Abstract] (1231) [PDF 291KB] (1212)
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