Global Geology 2016, 19(4) 261-276 DOI:     ISSN: 1673-9736 CN: 22-1371/P

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tectonic map
Mesozoic basins
platforms and fold belts
Eastern Asia
Li T.D.and Dong S.W.
Article by I.Pospelov
Article by O.Petrov
Article by S.Shokalsky
Article by Li T.D.and Dong S.W.

New tectonic map of Northern-Central-Eastern Asia: Position and evolution of Mesozoic sedimentary basins

I.Pospelov , O.Petrov, S.Shokalsky, Li T.D.and Dong S.W.

1. A. P. Karpinsky Russian Geological Research Institute (VSEGEI),St. Petersburg 199106,Russia; 2. Geological Institute,Russian Academy of Sciences,Moscow 119017,Russia; 3. Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences,Beijing 100037,China


The beginning of the XXI century was marked a new rising of the international tectonic cartography as a result of analysis and synthesis of a huge volume of geological information obtained for the territory of Asia es- pecially during the last 30 years. The previous tectonic maps for Asia were created in the 1960s--1970s of the last century. Since that time,the national geological surveys have compiled tectonic maps exclusively in the limits of their own state boundaries. The international cooperation of five countries since 2002 (Russia,China, Mongolia,Kazakhstan and Republic of Korea) gave a unique possibility to join the data into a united cartog- raphic form as Atlas of Geological Maps (since 2002-Atlas of Geological Maps of Central Asia and since 2007- Atlas of Geological Maps of Northern-Central-Eastern Asia). Both atlases include four maps: geological,tecton- ic,metallogenic,and energy resources. Tectonic Map of Northern-Central-Eastern Asia and Adjacent Areas at scale 1∶ 2 500 000 was the key map for further compilation of the metallogenic and energy resources (coal,oil and gas) maps. By this reason,special attention was given to showing the structure and composition of the Mes- ozoic sedimentary basins in Northern-Central-Eastern Asia as the most perspective structures for oil-and-gas and coal prospect.

Keywords tectonic map   Mesozoic basins   platforms and fold belts   Northern   Central   Eastern Asia  
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