Global Geology 2016, 19(4) 230-240 DOI:     ISSN: 1673-9736 CN: 22-1371/P

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fossil biotas
Indo-Pak subcontinet
M.Sadiq Malkani
and SUN Ge
Article by M.Sadiq Malkani
Article by and SUN Ge

Fossil biotas from Pakistan with focus on dinosaur distributions and discussion on paleobiogeographic evolution of Indo-Pak Peninsula

M.Sadiq Malkani, and SUN Ge

1. Geological Survey of Pakistan,Quetta,Pakistan; 2. College of Paleontology,Shenyang Normal University,Shenyang 110034,China; 3. Key Lab of Past Life in NE Asia,MRLC,Shenyang 110034,China; 4. Key Lab of Evolution of Past Life & Environment in NE Asia,MOEC,Changchun 130026,China


Recent geological and paleontological exploration in the Indus basin of Pakistan allowed the discover- ies of numerous remains of non-marine reptiles (titanosaurian sauropod,abelisaurian and noasaurian theropod dinosaurs),and marine reptiles (crocodiles),flying reptiles (pterosaurs),marine and non-marine mammals, fishes,invertebrates,and plants,especially Pakistan is relatively rich in footprints/trackways in the Mesozoic. These vertebrates of Indo-Pakistan are very significant for paleobiogeographic study due to the present-day con- nection of this continent with Asia in Northern Hemisphere,whereas during past (Jurassic and pre-Jurassic) it was connected to the Gondwana. The Mesozoic vertebrates show close affinities with Gondwanan landmasses. The Cenozoic vertebrates show Eurasian affinity and migrated from Indo-Pak subcontinent to Eurasia or vice ver- sa via Paleo Indus River systems along Western Indus Suture,after long journey of about 6 000 km the first col- lision of Indo-Pak subcontinent with Asia occurred at terminal Cretaceous.

Keywords fossil biotas   dinosaurs   Pakistan   paleobiogeography   Indo-Pak subcontinet  
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