Global Geology 2016, 19(4) 216-229 DOI:     ISSN: 1673-9736 CN: 22-1371/P

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fossil plants
floral assemblages
Lipovtsy Formation
Razdolnaya (Suifun) River Basin
Primorye region
V. S. Markevich and T. A. Kovaleva
Article by E.B.Volynets
Article by E.V.Bugdaeva
Article by V. S. Markevich and T. A. Kovaleva

Lipovtsy flora of Razdolnaya (Suifun) River Basin, Primorye region,Russia

E.B.Volynets, E.V.Bugdaeva, V. S. Markevich and T. A. Kovaleva

1. Institute of Biology and Soil Science,FEB RAS,Vladivostok,Russia; 2. Research Center of Paleontology and Stratigraphy,Jilin University,Changchun 130026,China


The Lipovtsy flora originates mostly from the synonymous Formation exposed at the coal quarries in the Razdolnaya (Suifun) River Basin in Heilongjiang Province (China) and Primorye Region (Russia). The thorough study of this flora has revealed its high diversity and abundance. One of the most prominent groups in the Lipovtsy flora is the ferns. Next in diversity are conifers (Miroviaceae,Taxodiaceae,Podozamitaceae,Tax- aceae,Cephalotaxaceae). It was revealed the remarkable quantity of bennettitalean remains (24 taxa). The main peculiarity of this flora is the appearance of first angiosperms (pollen,dispersed cuticle,leaves). The fine preservation of the cuticles from the coals allows us to research the taxonomical composition of peat-forming plants and clear main components of the swamp plant communities. These plants supplied the material for the accumulation of resinite coals on the territory of Razdolnaya River Basin were conifers Miroviaceae,taxodi- aleans,bennettites,as well as gleicheniaceous and cyatheaceous ferns.

Keywords fossil plants   spores   pollen   floral assemblages   Lipovtsy Formation   Razdolnaya (Suifun) River Basin   Primorye region  
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