Global Geology 2016, 19(4) 187-204 DOI:     ISSN: 1673-9736 CN: 22-1371/P

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vertebrate assemblage
Berezovsk coal mine
Middle Jurassic
western Siberia
Alexander Averianov
Thomas Martin
Pavel Skutschas
Igor Danilov
Julia Schultz
Rico Schellhorn
Ekaterina Obraztsova
Alexey Lopatin
Evgenia Sytchevskaya
Ivan Kuzmin
Sergei Krasnolutskii
Article by Alexander Averianov
Article by Thomas Martin
Article by Pavel Skutschas
Article by Igor Danilov
Article by Julia Schultz
Article by Rico Schellhorn
Article by Ekaterina Obraztsova
Article by Alexey Lopatin
Article by Evgenia Sytchevskaya
Article by Ivan Kuzmin
Article by Sergei Krasnolutskii

Middle Jurassic vertebrate assemblage of Berezovsk coal mine in western Siberia (Russia)

Alexander Averianov , Thomas Martin, Pavel Skutschas, Igor Danilov, Julia Schultz, Rico Schellhorn , Ekaterina Obraztsova, Alexey Lopatin, Evgenia Sytchevskaya , Ivan Kuzmin, Sergei Krasnolutskii

1. Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences,Saint Petersburg 199034,Russia; 2. Laboratory of Mesozoic and Cenozoic Continental Ecosystems,Tomsk State University,Tomsk 634050,Russia; 3. Steinmann-Institut für Geologie,Mineralogie und Palontologie,Universitt Bonn,Bonn 3115,Germany; 4. Vertebrate Zoology Department,Saint Petersburg State University,Saint Petersburg 199034,Russia; 5. Department of Organismal Biology and Anatomy,University of Chicago,Chicago,IL 60637,USA; 6. Borissiak Paleontological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences,Moscow 117997,Russia; 7. Sharypovo Regional Museum,Sharypovo,Krasnoyarsk Territory 662311,Russia


The Berezovsk coal mine in western Siberia has yielded the most diverse Middle Jurassic limnic and terrestrial vertebrate assemblage of Asia. The vertebrate remains were recovered by screen washing from flood- plain deposits on top of a thick coal seam of the Bathonian Itat Formation. A total of 29 vertebrate taxa has been recorded so far,including hybodontiform sharks,acipenseriforms,palaeonisciforms,amiiforms,dipnoans,anu- rans,caudates,turtles,squamates,choristoderans,crocodyliforms,pterosaurs,dinosaurs,tritylodontids,and a diverse mammaliaform and mammalian assemblage ( eleutherodontids,docodontans,? amphilestids,dryo- lestids,and zatherians). The caudates are among the oldest in the fossil record and the anurans represent the oldest Asian record of this group. Among the mammals,Anthracolestes is the oldest and most basal known mem- ber of Dryolestidae and so far the only record from Asia. The vertebrate assemblage from the Berezovsk coal mine is very similar to that from the British Forest Marble Formation (Bathonian) and suggests a limited provin- cialism in the Middle Jurassic Laurasian landmass.

Keywords vertebrate assemblage   Berezovsk coal mine   Middle Jurassic   western Siberia   Russia  
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