Global Geology 2014, 17(3) 163-169 DOI:     ISSN: 1673-9736 CN: 22-1371/P

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Dongying Formation
sedimentary environment
geothermal fluid enrichment condition
hydraulic connection
Tanggu area
LIU Jiulong
JIN Baozhen
LI Yuanyuan
YUE Liyan and WANG Xi
Article by LIU Jiulong
Article by JIN Baozhen
Article by LI Yuanyuan
Article by WANG Jige
Article by YUE Liyan and WANG Xi

Geothermal occurrence analysis of Dongying Formation in Tanggu area of Tianjin

LIU Jiulong, JIN Baozhen, LI Yuanyuan, WANG Jige, YUE Liyan and WANG Xi


Based on introducing geological structure of Tanggu area,the authors analyzed the sedimentary envi- ronment of Paleogene Dongying Formation,and further analyzed its geothermal occurrence. The studied area spans two grade Ⅳ tectonic units which are Beitang depression and Banqiao depression. The studied area is mainly located in the Tanggu nose- like structure which is the secondary structure of Beitang depression. Its ex- istence affects the sedimentary distribution of the part strata of Paleogene. The depositions of Dongying Ⅲ (SQEd 3 ) and DongyingⅡ (SQEd 2 ) are mainly delta front facies and lake sand bars which are propitious to the geothermal fluid enrichment. The favorable enrichment region of geothermal fluid is located in south Hetou- Tanggu. Most of DongyingⅠ (SQEd 1 ) changes into swamp plain deposition, only the northeast part of this area is the distributary riverway facies with developed sand layers. There is the favorable enrichment region of geo- thermal fluid. The hydraulic connection is weak among the geothermal reservoirs of Dongying Formation and its overlying Guantao and Minghuazhen formations. The underlying Shahejie Formation geothermal reservoir pro- vides a steady stream of fluid supply and ground pressure protection for Dongying Formation geothermal reser- voir.

Keywords Dongying Formation   sedimentary environment   geothermal fluid enrichment condition   hydraulic connection   Tanggu area  
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