Global Geology 2014, 17(3) 127-142 DOI:     ISSN: 1673-9736 CN: 22-1371/P

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Baikalian orogeny
thrust sheet
Sergey G. Samygin
Article by Sergey G. Samygin

Taimyr Peninsula (Arctic Siberia) in Late Precambrian: tectonic thrust sheets and geodynamic evolution

Sergey G. Samygin

Geological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences,Moscow 119017,Russia


Structural relationships between the Neoproterozoic rock complexes of a continental massif, island arc and back- arc basin geodynamic affinities are described and considered in this work based on field observations within the northeastern segment of the Central Taimyr tectonic zone distinguished in the late Hercynian fold- thrust belt of Taimyr Peninsula. As is established for the first time,rock complexes of the continental massif with the early Late Riphean (Tonian- Cryogenian) volcanogenic- sedimentary cover occur in the study region as the allochthonous syn-and post- sedimentary thrust sheets buried in or thrust over deposits of a back- arc basin, which accumulated in the terminal Late Riphean (Cryogenian)- -initial Vendian (Ediacaran). These and other results of the large- scale structural observations elucidate important details of the region tectonic development in the Late Precambrian,when two lateral ensembles of the Neoproterozoic structures originated in the region. In the first half of the Neoproterozoic,the regional tectonic ensemble included the oceanic plate abut on the conti- nental massif with a primitive volcano- plutonic belt. The subsequent system of an island arc and marginal back- arc basin originated in the second half of the Neoproterozoic and existed approximately till the mid- Vendian (Ediacaran) phase of the intense formation of thrust sheets in the region.

Keywords Neoproterozoic   Baikalian orogeny   paleostructure   thrust sheet   olistolith  
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