Global Geology 2014, 17(2) 78-85 DOI:     ISSN: 1673-9736 CN: 22-1371/P

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Baiyingaolao Formation
acidic volcanic rocks
Early Cretaceous
zircon U-Pb dating
KONG Yuanming
MA Rui*
HE Zhonghua
YANG Deming
WU Qing and WANG Yang
Article by KONG Yuanming
Article by MA Rui*
Article by HE Zhonghua
Article by YANG Deming
Article by WU Qing and WANG Yang

Characteristics and tectonic setting of volcanic rocks in Early Cretaceous Baiyingaolao Formation of Keyouzhongqi area,Inner Mongolia

KONG Yuanming, MA Rui, HE Zhonghua, YANG Deming, WU Qing and WANG Yang

College of Earth Sciences,Jilin University,Changchun 130061,China


The authors studied zircon LA-ICP-MS U-Pb dating,the zircon Hf isotope and geochemistry of acidic volcanic rocks in Baiyingaolao Formation of Keyouzhongqi area,Inner Mongolia,and discussed the chronology, source region and tectonic setting of the volcanic rocks in the studied area. The clear oscillatory zoning of zir- cons indicates a typical magmatic origin,and the results of dating show that the volcanic rocks of Baiyingaolao Formation were formed in Early Cretaceous (121.5 ±1.0 Ma). The features of major and trace elements show that the rocks are alkali-rich,poor in calcium and magnesium with enrichment in LILEs like Th,U,K and Gd and depletion in HFSEs,e.g. Nb,Ta,Sr and Ti. The fact implies that they were the products of partial melting of the crust. εHf(t) = ( +6.30--+9.06) and TDM2=600--835 Ma,suggest the magma originated from par- tial melting of the young crust. Combined with the evolution of regional tectonic structure,the authors conclude that the acidic volcanic rocks of Baiyingaolao Formation may be formed under the extensional environment relat- ed to the subduction of Paleo-Pacific Plate.

Keywords Daxinganling   Baiyingaolao Formation   acidic volcanic rocks   Early Cretaceous   zircon U-Pb dating  
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