Global Geology 2014, 17(1) 11-37 DOI:     ISSN: 1673-9736 CN: 22-1371/P

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Zhesi Formation
sedimentary environment
ZHAO Dalin1
WANG Dehai1
LV Shicong1
CHEN Chunhu2and ZHAO Yanwei3
Article by ZHAO Dalin1
Article by WANG Dehai1
Article by LV Shicong1
Article by CHEN Chunhu2and ZHAO Yanwei3

Sedimentary environment of Middle Permian Zhesi Formation in Solon area of Inner Mongolia

ZHAO Dalin1, WANG Dehai1, LV Shicong1, CHEN Chunhu2and ZHAO Yanwei3

1. College of Earth Sciences,Jilin University,Changchun 130061,China; 2. Northeast Branch,Sinopec,Changchun 130062,China; 3. Xinjiang Oilfield Company,CNPC,Urumqi 830000,China


Through a sampling analysis of trace elements and REE in the section of Middle Permian Zhesi For- mation in Solon area of Inner Mongolia,it is found that the overall sandstone and mudstone samples are charac- terized by LREE-enrichment. By analysis of the discriminant index of the sedimentary environment,the tectonic setting of Zhesi Formation is determined to be a continental island arc environment. Meanwhile,according to the sedimentary structure and lithology combination,Zhesi Formation is divided into the neritic-bathyal reten- tion-reduction environment as well as the delta front and prodelta sedimentary systems.

Keywords Permian   Zhesi Formation   geochemistry   sedimentary environment  
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