Global Geology 2013, 16(3) 130-143 DOI:     ISSN: 1673-9736 CN: 22-1371/P

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detrital zircon
U-Pb age
tectonic setting
ZHANG Shanming1
SUN Huashan2*
ZHU Zhexin1
LIU Hongwei1 and CHI Hongxin
Article by ZHANG Shanming1
Article by 2
Article by SUN Huashan2*
Article by ZHU Zhexin1
Article by LIU Hongwei1 and CHI Hongxin

Diagenesis tectonic setting and U-Pb dating for zircon from Tanjianshan Group in northern margin of Qaidam Basin

ZHANG Shanming1, 2, SUN Huashan2* , ZHU Zhexin1, LIU Hongwei1 and CHI Hongxin

1. Bureau of Geology and Mineral Exploration and Development of Inner Mongolia,Wuhai 016000, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region,China; 2. Faculty of Earth Resources,China University of Geosciences,Wuhan 430074,China


The shape,texture,content and REE characteristics of zircons from the O2 tnd-1,O3 tnd-2,O3 tnd-3 pyroclastic rock of Tanjianshan Group on the north margin of Qaidam Basin indicate that the O2-3 tnd is the product of volcanism during the transitional period from ocean-land interim crust to oceanic crust. The U-Pb surface ages obtained from O3 tnd-2 and O3 tnd-3 can be divided into 9 groups,every age group coincides with the period when significant tectonic-heat event took place at Oulongbuluke micro-continental base of northern Qaidam,suggesting that the base rocks have provided materials for the formation of sedimentary and volcanic rock in O2-3 tnd . The volcanic rocks of O3 tnd-3 formed at 440 Ma,with time gap 46 Ma to those of O1 tna-1 and O3 tnd-3 may represent the minor period that Xitieshan back-arc extension have lasted,the scale of back-arc basin that formed in Xitieshan extension may approach to 1 400 km. Based on the test of ithochemistry data for major elements and analysis of Sr isotope geochemistry for the clastic sedimentary rock in O1 tna-2 and O3 tnd-2,the authors get the conclusion that the O1 tna-2 and O3 tnd-2 of Tanjianshan Group may form in back-arc basin environment,while the lithology difference between these two formations may reflect the changes of geodynamic processes as the diagenesis tectonic environment transformed from continental margin depression to adjacent sea basin.

Keywords detrital zircon   U-Pb age   tectonic setting   Tanjianshan  
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