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riebeckite granophyres
southern Da Hinggan Mts.
WANG Jianguo
HE Zhonghua*
WU Qing and JIN Ling
Article by WANG Jianguo
Article by HE Zhonghua*
Article by CHAO Lin
Article by WU Qing and JIN Ling

Petrogenesis of Early Cretaceous riebeckite granophyres in southern Da Hinggan Mts.

WANG Jianguo, HE Zhonghua, CHAO Lin, WU Qing and JIN Ling


This paper reports lithologic features,K-Ar age and geochemical data of riebeckite granophyres from Aliwula area in the southern Da Hinggan Mts.,aiming to reveal the petrogenesis of riebeckite granophyres. K-Ar age of riebeckite granophyres is 126 ± 2 Ma,implying that the riebeckite granophyres formed in the Early Cretaceous. The granophyres are rich in riebeckites and with a lot of melt-fluid inclusion in its quartz phenocrysts. The granophyres are characterized by extensive enrichment in SiO2 ,FeO,and ( Na2O + K2O) and depletion in MgO and CaO,strong negative Eu anomalies and strong positive Ce anomalies. Additionally,the riebeckite granophyres not only have high total REE contents and display enrichment of HFSEs ( for example Zr, Hf,Nb,Ta) ,but also are strong in depletion of LILEs ( e.g. Ba,Sr) as well as high Ga /Al ratios. Primitive mantle-normalized REE pattern significantly displays REE M--W tetrad effect. REEs fractionate evidently and highly enrich in LREE,but are uneven distribution in the rocks. Taken together,we conclude that the riebeckite granophyres are similar to typical A-type granite,which could be derived from stretching environments in the Early Cretaceous. The granophyres originated from residual melt which underwent highly differentiation process, and were formed in magmatic-hydrothemal transition stage at last.

Keywords petrogenesis   geochemistry   riebeckite granophyres   southern Da Hinggan Mts.  
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