Global Geology 2011, 14(3) 115-143 DOI:     ISSN: 1673-9736 CN: 22-1371/P

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Late Cretaceous
K--Pg boundary
Heilongjiang River
Sun G.1
Akhmetiev M.3
Article by Sun G.1
Article by 2
Article by Akhmetiev M.3
Article by Markevich
Article by V.4

Late Cretaceous biota and the Cretaceous-Paleogene ( K--Pg) Boundary in Jiayin of Heilongjiang,China

Sun G.1, 2, Akhmetiev M.3, Markevich  V.4, Ashraf A.R.5, Bugdaeva E.4, Godefroit P.6, Bolotsky Yu.7, Dong Z.M.8,9, Golovneva L.10, Yang H.X.11, Sun C.L.9, Sun Y.W.9, Quan C.9, Kodrul T.3

1. Key-Lab for Evolution of Past Life,MOEC,( Jilin University) ,Changchun 130026,China; 2. College of Paleontology,Shenyang Normal University,Shenyang 110034,China; 3. Geological Institute of RAS,Moscow 109017,Russia; 4. Institute of Biology and Soil Science,FEB RAS,Vladivostok 690022,Russia; 5. Institute of Geosciences,University of Tuebingen,Tuebingen 72074,Germany; 6. Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences,Dept. of Palaeontology,B - 1000 Bruxelles,Belgium; 7. Amur Natural History Museum,IGNE FEB RAS,Blagoveschensk 675000,Russia; 8. IVPP,Beijing 100044,China; 9. Research Center of Paleontology & Stratigraphy,Jilin University,Changchun 130026,China; 10. Komarov Botanical Institute,RAS,St. -Petersburg 197376,Russia; 11. College of Geoexploration Science & Technology,Jilin University,Changchun 130026,China; 12. Amur State University,Blagoveshensk 675000,Russia; 13. Denver Museum of Natural Sciences,Denver CO-90205,USA; 14. Chuo University,Tokyo 112,Japan; 15. Indiana University,Bloomington,IN 47405,USA; 16. School of Ocean & Geosciences,University of Southampton,Southampton,SO14,3ZH UK


An international cooperative study of the Late Cretaceous biota and non-marine strata including the Cretaceous-Paleogene ( K--Pg) boundary in Jiayin near the Heilongjiang River,China during 2002-2010,is summarized in this paper. The strata includes the Upper Cretaceous Yong'ancun-,Taipinglinchang-,Yuliangzi-, and Furao formations,and the Paleocence Wuyun Formation consisting of Baoshantou Member and a Coalbearing Member. Seven palynological assemblages from Santonian to Paleocene are recognized,which is used for definition of the K--Pg boundary. Through the palynological analysis of three drilled boreholes ( XHY-2005, 2006,2008) in Xiaoheyan of western Jiayin,the K--Pg boundary is defined within 20. 00-20. 05 m in the borehole XHY-2006 ( as a standard boundary) which is just between the top of Furao Formation ( late Maasterichtian) and the base of Baishantou Member ( early Danian) . These new research results are supported by paleomagnetic, geochemical and other analyses,also. On the other hand,the presence of eight taxa of Maasterichtian dinosaurs ( mostly hadrosaurids) have been recognized by the authors; and two mega-plant assemblages from the Yong'ancun Fm ( Santonian) to Taipinglinchang Fm ( Campanian) are confirmed. These research achievements indicate that the Upper Cretaceous-Paleocene in Jiayin can be well correlated to the strata in the neighboring Zeya-Bureja basin,Russia. The K--Pg boundary definited in Jiayin is the first well documented non-marine K--Pg boundary in China. Also the related paleoclimate,paleoenvironment and the mass extinctions in this area during the Cretaceous-Paleocene transition are also discussed.

Keywords Biota   Late Cretaceous   Paleogene   K--Pg boundary   Heilongjiang River   Jiayin  
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