Global Geology 2011, 14(1) 44-53 DOI:     ISSN: 1673-9736 CN: 22-1371/P

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volcanic event
Changbai Mountain
LIU Guoming1
YANG Jingkui2
WANG Lijuan2
SUN Jicai1
Article by LIU Guoming1
Article by YANG Jingkui2
Article by WANG Lijuan2
Article by SUN Jicai1

Analysis of Tianchi volcano activity in Changbai Mountain,NE China

LIU Guoming1,YANG Jingkui2,WANG Lijuan2 and SUN Jicai1

1. Changbaishan Tianchi Volcano Observatory,Antu 133613,Jilin,China; 2. Seismological Bureau of Jilin Province,Changchun 130022,China


Changbaishan volcano is the largest potential eruptive volcano in China. In this paper,seismic activity, horizontal displacement,vertical displacement and the fluid geochemistry data acquiring from Changbaishan Tianchi Volcano Observatory ( TVO) in recent years are analyzed. The authors discussed the ability for the Changbaishan volcanic seismic monitoring and active level of Changbaishan volcano in recent years based on the fundamental monitoring results. The results show that Changbaishan volcano has experienced an unrest episode from 2002 to 2005,but its active level recovers to the background now.

Keywords volcano   volcanic event   earthquake   Changbai Mountain  
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