Global Geology 2011, 14(1) 29-43 DOI:     ISSN: 1673-9736 CN: 22-1371/P

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epithermal gold deposits
metallogenic materials
HUANG Yongwei1
LIU Jiajun2
GAO Chen1
Article by HUANG Yongwei1
Article by 2
Article by LIU Jiajun2
Article by GAO Chen1

Geochemistry and metallogenic age of Sishanlinchang gold-silver deposit in Jidong of Heilongjiang

HUANG Yongwei1, 2, LIU Jiajun2 and GAO Chen1

1. The First Institute of Geology Exploration of Heilongjiang Province,Mudanjing 157011,Heilongjiang,China; 2. School of the Earth Sciences and Resources,China University of Geosciences,Beijing 100083,China


the Sishanlinchang gold-silver deposit is mainly composed of gold-quartz vein type ores. It has many kinds of sulfides and gold in high grade. The Au has a close correlation with As,Pb,Ag and Cu. Geochemically, the deposit is characterized by relatively enrichment in LREE with moderate or lower Eu negative anomaly. Sulfur isotopes appear as single and deep source,and lead isotopes indicate the Pb is from the earth's mantle and crust,which mainly are orogenic belt Pb,the ore-forming fluid has a temperature of 215℃ - 350℃ and a low salinity with a mixture of characteristics of magmaitc hydrothermal and meteoric water. The ore-forming age is 111. 1 - 111. 4 Ma. The deposit is formed in mineralization and precipitation of metallogenic materials caused by the mixture of the magmatic hydrothermal fluid and meteoric water.

Keywords epithermal gold deposits   geochemistry   metallogenic materials   Jidong   Heilongjiang  
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